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The science or study of animal life. Together with botany, the study of plant life, it forms the science of biology. Zoology is such a vast subject that most zoologists specialize or focus on the study of particular organisms or taxonomic groups. tion of animals.

what causes ear infection ?

Infection of the middle ear, or otitis media, is an infection of the part of the ear behind the eardrum. It is usually a complication of an upper respiratory infection, such as a cold. It can be acute (new), chronic (persistent), or serious (associated with fluid that does not contain germs). Otitis  Read More

what is renal failure ?

Most people have two kidneys. The kidneys are found on either side of the spine just below the ribs. The kidneys clean your blood by working as a filter to remove water and wastes from the body. The wastes are what is left over in the blood from food used by the body and the body’s many funct  Read More

What is a Heart Attack?

Every 34 seconds, someone dies from heart and blood vessel diseases, America’s No. 1 killer. Since most of those deaths are from coronary heart disease — over 375,000 each year — it’s important to learn all you can about heart attack. For example, you should know the warning signs of h  Read More

What is eye ?

Human eye have binocular vision.The eye can discriminate colour,appraise length,width and depth visually and form true inverted image.

Structure of eye

The eye are two in number and lodged in orbits(bony socket) of skull. The eye is a hollow ,spherical organ,about 2.5cm in diame  Read More